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==After [[Sukkot]]==
#The [[arba minim]] don't retain their holiness after [[sukkot]], but it still should not be treated disrespectfully like being thrown into the garbage. It is permissible though to leave them somewhere even if you know somebody else will throw them in the garbage.<ref> Mishna Brurah 21:6-7, []. Although the shulchan aruch Shulchan Aruch siman 21, is referring to old [[tzitzit]], Mishna Brurah 21:1 extends it to all items used for a mitzvaincluding a lulav. </ref> One who shows extra care by burying articles used for mitzvot, will receive beracha. <ref> Rama 21:1 </ref>
#There are several other customs that people have to do with their [[arba minim]]. <ref> Most of these are based on [[Shabbat]] 117b which says that Rabbi Ami and Rabbi Asi would make a meal out of the bread used for the eruv, because it was already used for a mitzva. </ref>
*Burn the [[lulav]] in the oven baking the matzas. <ref> Rama 664:9 </ref>

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