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Setting the Table

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==Setting the Table==
# One should set his table before [[Yom Tov ]] so that one can eat the Seudah right after Tzet HaChochavim. <ref> Tur and S”A 472:1. Aruch HaShulchan 472:2 writes that another reason why we should have the table set before [[Yom Tov ]] is to have the table set for many hours beofre a meal like the tables of kings. </ref> One doesn’t actually have to start the Seder right after Tzet but the table should be set so it’s possible to start right away. <ref> Mishna Brurah 472:1 explains that it’s not precise when S”A writes that the table should be set so that one can start right after it gets dark rather it means that it should be possible to start then. Chazon Ovadyah (Pesach part 2, pg 5) concurs. However, Or Samech (Hilchot Chametz UMatzeh 7:3) suggests that since Matzah is compared to Pesach, just like Pesach is supposed to be eaten right after Tzet so too the Matzah is supposed to be eaten right after Tzet. </ref>
#One should set the table with nice utensils according to what one can afford. <ref> Tur and S”A 672:2. Mishna Brurah 472:5 adds that one should nice utensils even though during the rest of the year one should refrain from using the best utensils because of Zecher LeChurban (to commemorate the destruction of the temple; </ref>
# One should set the chairs so that it is possible to lean properly while eating and drinking. <ref> Tur and S”A 472:2 </ref>
==Preparing the food==
# If [[Yom Tov ]] falls out on Shabbat, one should do the Melacha of Borer to prepare food before the Seder because the meal isn't immediately connected to the beginning of the Seder. <ref> Halichot Shlomo (Pesach, pg 215-6) writes that since Borer is only permitted when done immediately before a meal, concerning the Seder it is forbidden because the meal comes so long after the preparations, and it wouldn't be considered as doing Borer for eating immediately. </ref>
# On Shabbat, it is considered Borer to take the small bugs attached to the Maror leaves, however it is permissible if one take a bit of the leaf with the bug. Nonetheless, it isn't considered Borer to remove a large worm that stands independent of the leaf. <ref> Semirat Shabbat KeHilchata (3 note 102) </ref>
==Seder Plate==

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