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Sechar Shabbat

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# One can pay for a ticket to the zoo before [[Shabbat]] for a visit on [[Shabbat]] (this is only in terms of wages on [[Shabbat]], but in terms of kedushat [[Shabbat]] it’s preferable to sanctify [[Shabbat]] with Torah and mitzvoth). <Ref> Shemirat [[Shabbat]] Kehilchata 28:65 </ref>
# One can switch a rotation of a guard or cleaning duty to work on [[Shabbat]] instead of a weekday. <Ref> Shemirat [[Shabbat]] Kehilchata 28:55 the work he’s doing isn’t for a wage but just to exempt himself from working another day. </ref>
==Interest over [[Shabbat]]==
# Interest in a bank accrued on [[Shabbat]] is permitted. <Ref> [[Shabbat]] Kehilchata 20:8. [The Mishna Brurah 306:19 writes that one may not take interest from a non-Jew for money lent for [[Shabbat]] unless one doesn’t specify a number of days but only a number of weeks.] see Bayit Hayehudi 5:22(11) and BeYitzchak Yikra on Mishna Brurah 306:19 </ref>

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