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The four cups of wine

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==What type of wine==
# It's perferable preferable to use red wine. <ref> S"A 472:11 . Mishna Berura 472:38 says that this is in commemoration of the Jewish blood that was spilled in Mitzrayim. </ref> If there's white wine that's better than the red wine, Ashenazim say that one should have the white wine, while Sephardic practice is to have red white wine anyway. <Ref> Rama 472:11 writes that if the white wine is better one can have that instead of the red wine. However, Chazon Ovadyah (Pesach vol 2 pg 11) writes that the Sephardic custom is to use red wine anyway. </ref># Many authorities say that one may not use grape juice for the Seder, however, if one hates wine or will become ill, then there's is what to rely on to have grape juice. <ref> Mikrei Kodesh 2:35 (pg 130), Sh"t Chazon Ovadyah (in the note on pg 99-100), Halachos of Pesach (chapter 20, Sec B 5, pg 222) quoting Rav Moshe Feinstein rule that one doesn't fulfill חירות- having wine as a free man by having grape juice. However, Halachos of Pesach concludes that if one is unable to have wine one should have grape juice. Teshuvot Vihanhagot 2:243 writes that the Chazon Ish, Brisker Rav, and other Gedolim used grape juice at the end of their lives when they were unable to drink wine. </ref> Others, however, permit having grape juice and adds that lechatchila women and children can use grape juice. <ref> Sh"t Mishneh Halachot 10:87, Nefesh HaRav pg 185 in name of Rav Solavatchik Soloveitchik </ref>
==Making Brachat HaGafen==

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