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Brachot on Sights

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==Bracha for seeing a friend==
# Nowadays, the Ashkenazic minhag is not to make a bracha upon seeing a friend after 30 days or after 12 months. <Ref> Halichot Shlomo 23:12, Piskei Teshuvot 225:2 </ref>
# However, some say Sephardic minhag is to make the Bracha of [[Shehecheyanu ]] even if one was in contact as long as one hasn’t seen them for 30 days, while some disagree. <Ref>Yalkut Yosef (vol 3 pg 605) writes that the minhag is to make both these Brachot under the conditions of S”A. However, Vezot HaBracha (pg 171) quotes Rav Mordechai Eliyahu who says that the minhag is not to make these Brachot nowadays. </ref>
==Bracha for seeing 600,000 people==
# Upon seeing 600,000 Jews there’s a Bracha of Baruch Atta…Chacham HaRazim, however, this is a extremely rare occurrence. <Ref>S”A 224:5 </ref>

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