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Brit Milah

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==Obligation of the Mitzvah of Brit Milah==
# A father is obligated to perform a Brit Milah (circumcision) on his son or to appoint a Shaliach (proxy) pious Mohel to perform a Brit Milah on his son. <ref>Kitzur S"A 163:1</ref>
# The father of the baby should place the baby on the knees of the Sandak. <ref>Kitzur S"A 163:1</ref>
# The father of the baby should stand near the Mohel (the one who is performing the circumcision) in order to show that the Mohel is his proxy. <ref>Kitzur S"A 163:1</ref>
# If one performed the Brit Milah before [[Netz HaChama]] after [[Olot HaShachar]] one fulfills one's obligation. <ref>Megillah 20a, Rama 262:1</ref>
# If it will cause a fight among the family to perform the Brit Milah very early, one may delay it, but one should still try to make it as early as possible.<ref>Rav Mordechai Eliyahu's comment on Kitzur S"A 163:1</ref>
# If there is a concern of a health risk to the baby, the Brit Milah should be delayed until the baby is healthy and once the baby is healthy the Brit Milah should be performed without delay, except not on Shabbat or Yom Tov. <ref>Kitzur S"A 163:4</ref>Needless to say, because of the complexity of these issues, it is incumbent for a person to consult an Orthodox Rabbi to assess the situation.
==Brachot for the Brit Milah==
# The Mohel makes the Bracha "ברוך אתה ה' אלוקינו מלך העולם אשר קידשנו במצותיו וציונו על המילה" (“Baruch Atta Hashem Elokenu Melech HaOlam Asher Kiddeshanu BeMitzvotav VeTzivanu Al HaMilah”) prior to the Milah. <ref> S"A YD 265:1 </ref> This bracha should be said standing. <ref>Rama YD 265:1 </ref>
# Next Hagefen is made on wine and then the bracha of Asher Kidesh Yedid MeBeten. <ref>S"A YD 265:1 </ref>
# If the Brit Milah takes place on Shabbat, if the one making the Brachot didn't yet make [[Kiddush]], he should drink from the cup of wine a Melo Lugmav and another [[Reviyit]].<ref>Kitzur S"A 77:14</ref>
==Sandakut (holding of the baby)==
# One should appoint a pious Sandak.<ref>Kitzur S"A 163:1</ref>
# According to Ashkenazim, one shouldn't appoint the same person as a Sandak if he was already a Sandak for another one of one's sons.<ref>Kitzur S"A 163:1</ref>
==Those watching the Brit Milah==
# Everyone in attendance of the Brit Milah should stand except for the Sandak who is holding the baby.<ref>Kitzur S"A 163:2</ref>
# After the makes the Bracha of LeHachniso, the people in attendance should answer Amen and add "Keshem SheNichnas LaBrit Ken Yikanes LeTorah ULeChpah ULeMaasim Tovim".<ref>Kitzur S"A 163:2</ref>
==Delayed Milah on Thursday or Friday==

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