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# According to many poskim it is permitted to rehang a picture that fell on [[Shabbat]] as long as the picture isn't expensive and rare. <ref>39 Melachos (Rabbi Ribiat, vol 4, pg 1019) explains that that according to many opinions hanging a picture isn't a violation of adding to a existing structure because it retains it's own function similar to putting a potted plant on the floor or a vessel in the breakfront even though it will remain for a long time. On pg 1038 he writes that it's permissible to rehang it unless it is a expensive and rare painting because it would be muktzah and according to some poskim it's muktzeh once it was attached during the onset of [[Shabbat]]. </ref>
# One should not replace a mezuzah that fell on [[Shabbat]] because of issues of adding to an existing structure and muktzeh. However, if it is lying on the floor one pick it up in a abnormal way such as by using the palms of both hands. <ref>39 Melachos (Rabbi Ribiat, vol 4, pg 1038) </ref>
==Digging and filling a hole==# When people used to have dirt floors, if there was a hole in the floor, filling it up would be a violation of Boneh. <reF>In Gemara (Shabbat 73b) Rava says that if one fills in a hole with dirt inside the house, one has violated Boneh. Rambam (Shabbat 10:12) rules that flattening the ground indoors, by flattening a mound or filling in a hole is a violation of Boneh. Mishna Brurah 337:6 writes that if one intentionally fills the holes when sweeping one would violate Boneh.</ref>
==Assembling objects==
# Making a earth vessel such as an oven or barrel before it is hardened in the kiln is a violation of Boneh. <ref>Rambam (Shabbat 10:13)</ref>
==Building a tent==

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