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==When a [[Brit Milah]] should take place==
# The [[Brit Milah]] is performed on the eighth day after the baby's birth.<ref>Vayikra 12:3, Tur and S"A 262:1</ref>
# The [[Brit Milah]] may be performed any time during the day, after [[Netz HaNetz HaChama]], however, one should make an effort to fulfill the mitzvah of [[Brit Milah]] early in the morning because of "Zarizin Makdimin LeMitzvot". <ref>Pesachim 4a says that the [[Brit Milah]] may be performed any time during the day but those who have alacrity in fulfilling mitzvot will do it early. The gemara learns this concept of Zarizin Makdimin LeMitzvot from Avraham Avinu when he went to perform the Akeda early in the morning. S"A YD 262:1 codifies this as halacha.</ref># If one performed the [[Brit Milah]] before [[Netz HaNetz HaChama]] after [[Olot HaShachar]] one fulfills one's obligation. <ref>Megillah 20a, Rama 262:1</ref>
# If it will cause a fight among the family to perform the [[Brit Milah]] very early, one may delay it, but one should still try to make it as early as possible.<ref>Rav Mordechai Eliyahu's comment on Kitzur S"A 163:1</ref>
# If there is a concern of a health risk to the baby, the [[Brit Milah]] should be delayed until the baby is healthy. Once the baby is healthy, in the case of some illnesses the [[Brit Milah]] should be performed without delay, while in other cases, the [[Brit Milah]] is only performed after 8 days after the baby became healthy. <ref>S"A 262:2, Kitzur S"A 163:4</ref> Needless to say, because of the complexity of these issues, it is incumbent for a person to consult an Orthodox Rabbi to assess the situation. For more details about a delayed Milah, see the [[#A Delayed Milah]] section.

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