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Shabbat Clothing

  1. The minhag is to permit wearing Shabbat clothing on Shabbat Chazon. This is the practice of the Sephardim, Chasidim, and some Ashkenazim.[1] However, some Ashkenazim have the practice not to wear Shabbat clothing on Shabbat Chazon.[2]
  2. If Rosh Chodesh falls out on Friday and Tisha BeAv technically falls out next Shabbat, though it is delayed until Sunday, the Shabbat right after Rosh Chodesh doesn't have the status of Shabbat Chazon and one should wear Shabbat clothing according to everyone.[3]

Freshly Laundered Clothing

  1. It is permissible to wear freshly laundered shirt on Shabbat.[4]

New Clothing

  1. One shouldn't wear a new shirt on Shabbat Chazon unless one doesn't have any other laundered ones.[5] The same applies to wearing a new pair of pants, belt, shoes, or sheitel on Shabbat Chazon.[6]
  2. One may not wear a new suit that would require a Shehechiyanu on Shabbat Chazon.[7]
  3. It is permitted to wear the Shabbat clothing even from Chatzot of Friday.[8]
    1. Mishna Brurah 551:5 based the Gra writes that the minhag Vilna was to wear Shabbat clothing on Shabbat Chazon.
    2. Rama 551:3. Aruch Hashulchan 551:11 notes that the minhag Ashkenazim that he observed was to wear regular Shabbat clothing on Shabbat. He explained that the Rama only said that the minhag was not to wear Shabbat clothing if the weekday and Shababt clothing look similar except that it is slightly nicer. Therefore, it isn't obvious that if you're wearing your weekday clothing on Shabbat that it isn't Shabbat clothing. However, the minhag developed when it was common for Shabbat clothing to be very different than the weekday clothing and if someone wore weekday clothing on Shabbat it would be obvious that they were publicly mourning on Shabbat, which may not be done. Nonetheless, he says that since in his time the weekday clothing is similar to the Shabbat clothing they should revert to the Rama's minhag. Nitai Gavriel (Ben Hametzarim 1:45:1) writes that minhag Chasidim is like the minhag Sephardim to wear Shabbat clothing on Shabbat Chazon.
    3. Nitai Gavriel (Ben Hametzarim 1:45:2) citing Yad Efraim 551:20 and Shaar Hatziyun 551:46
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    5. Igrot Moshe OC 3:80, Nitai Gavriel (Ben Hametzarim 1:45:4). Pri Megadim 551:20 writes that it would be permitted to wear a new shirt on Shabbat Chazon. Biur Halacha 551:6 s.v. kelim agrees and compares it to wearing freshly laundered clothing on Shabbat Chazon which is permitted. However, Magen Avraham 551:6 and Mishna Brurah 551:9 state that wearing new clothing on Shabbat Chazon is forbidden. Igrot Moshe explains that the Pri Megadim and Biur Halacha are only talking about when one doesn't have any other laundered shirts, then it would be permitted to wear a new one. See shulchanaruchharav.com for more sources and description of this topic.
    6. Rav Baruch Rubanowitz on dinonline.com writes that a person shouldn't wear a new belt, shirt, pants, sheitel or shoes during the nine days and including Shabbat Chazon.
    7. Mishna Brurah 551:45 writes that even those who are lenient to make Shehecheyanu on Shabbat during the Three Weeks will agree to be strict on Shabbat Chazon not to wear new clothes (which has a special element of happiness that a new fruit doesn’t have). Sh”t Yechave Daat 1:37 and Torat HaMoadim 5:7 concurs to the opinion of Mishna Brurah.
    8. Nitai Gavriel (Ben Hametzarim 1:45:6)