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  1. Many are lenient to join in a Siyum Masechet and to hear the end of the Masechet and the Siyum and then join for the Seudat Mitzvah and break the fast the rest of the day. [1]
  2. Some say that it’s critical to understand the last piece of Gemara to join for the Siyum, however, the minhag is to be lenient in any circumstance. [2] Some say that one only has to participate in some of the learning, maybe by hearing the rabbi speaks words of mussar. [3]
  3. Preferably, after hearing the Siyum one should eat a KeBaytzah of Mezonot or bread as a meal for the Siyum. Some are lenient and allow one to break the fast after hearing a Siyum without eating there. [4]
  4. If a woman finishes a complete masechet she still cannot absolve the first borns from the fast. [5]
  5. Since someone within the seven-day mourning period may not attend such a celebration, he wouldhave to fast Taanit Bechorot. If he is weak and fasting through the day would adversely affect his ability to perform the mitzvot of the seder night, he may redeem himself from the fast by giving some money to charity.[6]
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