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  1. Some have the Minhag not to put on Tallit or Tefillin for Shacharit of Tisha BeAv and only put it on for Mincha.[1]
  2. Those who hold of this minhag also do not have the Chazan or those participating in the Torah service wear a tallit.[2] The Moroccan minhag is such, and so is the Persian minhag.[3] Some Sephardim have the practice to wear Tefillin for Shacharit on Tisha B'av until the recital of Kinnot or if they don't wear it in the shul to wear it at home before coming to shul.[4]
  3. One who normally wears Rabbeinu Tam Tefillin in addition to Rashi, must do so on Tisha B'av as well.[5]
  4. If someone usually doesn't recite a bracha on his tzitzit because he exempts it with his tallit, on Tisha B'av when he doesn't wear his tallit in the morning he should put on his tzitzit in the morning without a bracha. Others contend that he should recite a bracha unless he slept in his tzitzit.[6]


  1. Tallit and Tefillin are worn during mincha on Tisha B'av.[7]
  2. There is a discussion if one should recite keriat shema during mincha with tefillin. [8]
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      • Interestingly, Maharam quoted by the Tur OC 555 and Rabbenu Yerucham quoted by the Beit Yosef 555 hold that it is forbidden to wear Tefillin on Tisha B'av because mourning the loss of the beit hamikdash is greater than the usual first day of mourning over a deceased.
      • However, the Rosh quoted by the Tur holds that one must wear tefillin because mourning for the beit hamikdash is not as stringent as the first day of mourning.
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    6. Shulchan Aruch O.C. 555:1 writes that one shouldn't recite a bracha on tzitzit the morning of tisha b'av. Mishna Brurah 555:2 quotes some who say that one should recite a bracha. Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach (Dirshu 555:3) avoided the issue by sleeping in his tzitzit on tisha b'av, in which case one doesn't need to recite a new bracha according to everyone.
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