Issru Chag

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  1. Issru Chag is the day following a Yom Tov.
  2. The minhag is to have a little more food and drink on the day following Pesach. [1]
  3. The minhag is not to fast on any Issru Chag.[2]
  4. If the last day of Pesach falls out on a Friday and Issru Chag on Shabbat, one should make Hamotzei on Matzah on Shabbat.[3]


  1. Rama 429:2 based on Shibolei HaLeket siman 262 and Sukkot 45b. See Maharil who explains that the reason for this is that the Korban Shlalmim of the holiday is eaten for 2 days and so it can be eaten even on the day after the holiday. See Shulchan Aruch HaRav who says that it is a minhag. See Birkei Yosef 494:4 who says that the Rambam, Rosh, and Rif don't consider it a significant day at all.
  2. Mishna Brurah 429:14
  3. Or Letzion (vol 3, pg 100). For more information see Bracha on Matzah.
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