Washing one’s body on Shabbat

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  1. If one’s hands became soiled with mud one may not clean them off by wiping them on a towel or handkerchief however one may wipe them one a cloth which one isn’t concerned about cleaning (like a napkin). [1]

Squeezing water from one's hair

  1. It is forbidden to squeeze water out of one's hair on Shabbat. [2]Similarly, one shouldn't shampoo one's hair on shabbat. [3]
  2. One may wet one's hair if one does not squeeze it out. [4]
  3. One should not shake one's head vigorously in order to remove the absorbed water. [5]
  4. One may tightly wrap a towel on one's hair to absorb the liquid because the liquid is absorbed immediately and becomes useless. [6]


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