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The Yahrzeit is a unique day on the Jewish calender marking the one year anniversary of a loved one's passing.


  1. The custom is to recite kaddish on the yahrtzeit of a parent. [1]
  2. One should start reciting kaddish on the friday night before the yahrtzeit. [2]

Aliya to the Torah

  1. One should try to go up to the torah for maftir on the Shabbat before the yahrtzeit of a parent. [3]

Fasting on the Day of the Yahrzeit

  1. There is a custom to fast on the day of a parent's death (yahrtzeit), every year following the death. [4] This fast should be observed on the date of the death itself, even for the first year. [5] Some poskim are not so strict with this fast because we are too weak to fast, and therefore encourage giving tzedaka and making an extra effort to learn torah [6]
  2. If Erev Yom Kippur is the Yahrzeit (annual remembrance of the day of the death) of one's parents, one should not fast but rely on the fast of Yom Kippur. [7]

Yahrtzeit Candle

  1. The custom is to light a candle on the yahrtzeit of a parent. [8]
  2. Some poskim say that you cannot use an electric light as a yahrtzeit candle. [9]

Wedding Celebrations

  1. One should avoid going to a wedding celebration on the yahrtzeit of a parent. [10]



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