Breaking up Pesukim and Paragraphs of Torah

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Breaking up a Pasuk

  1. It is forbidden to break up a pasuk.[1]
  2. There's no problem of breaking up a pasuk where there is a parsha setuma in the middle of a pasuk since it is already broken up.[2]
  3. Some hold that you can break up a pasuk in navi or ketuvim.[3]
  4. The minhag for the mohel to say Vechrot imo habrit with broken up pesukim on the day of a milah is acceptable since the pesukim were meant to be broken up in such a fashion.[4]
  5. Vayichulu on Friday night is a big discussion. See Kiddush#Kiddish_at_night.

Breaking up a Paragraph

  1. Usually you can’t break up a parsha and you need to read the whole thing. However, for kriyat hatorah it is permitted if you’re going to continue to finish the parsha another time. Also, for davening it is permitted since it is a supplication or appeasement and not as a reading.[5]


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