Brov Am Hadrat Melech

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Watching a Mitzvah

  1. Watching a mitzvah is considered a minor mitzvah as it adds to the aggrandizement of the publicity of the mitzvah. That is considered Brov Am Hadrat Melech (Mishlei 14:28). This applies to any mitzvah.[1]


  1. Gemara Yoma 70a. The Magen Avraham 147:11, Eliyah Rabba 147:5, Kaf Hachaim 147:32, Igrot Moshe YD 1:156, Birchat Aryeh p. 27, Rav Chaim Palagi (Amri Yisrael p. 371), and Machaneh Yisrael 38 write that it applies to all mitzvot. See however, Rav Yakov Moshe Hillel (Mekubetziel 26 p. 94).