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Infrequently Erev Pesach falls out on Shabbat. It will next occur in 2025 and then not again until 2045. When this happens, the mitzvot of the days before Pesach are rescheduled so that it is possible to prepare for Pesach, while at the same time properly observe and respect Shabbat. The specific halachic issues at play are how to have Shabbat meals while juggling the prohibition to have matzah on Erev Pesach and the prohibition to have chametz after the fourth day on Erev Pesach. Seuda Shelishit presents a unique challenge since it is ideally a hamotzei meal in the afternoon but both chametz and matzah are forbidden. Another topic is when to fulfill bedika and biur considering that they can not be done on Shabbat. Lastly, selling the chametz can occur but the mechanism of the sale have to be altered to either take place before Shabbat or complete the acts of acquisition before Shabbat and stipulate that the sale goes into effect on Shabbat.

Shabbat Hagadol Drasha

  1. If Shabbat HaGadol falls out on Erev Pesach, the Drasha should take place a week earlier.[1]

Tanit Bechorot

  1. If Erev Pesach falls out on Shabbat, some say that one is not obligated to fast, while others say that one should fast on Thursday. The minhag follows the latter opinion.[2] The minhag is to do a Siyum on Thursday and exempt oneself from the fast,[3] even those who fast Tanit Bechorot regular years.[4] Some say it’s preferable to make a Siyum on Friday in addition to the one on Thursday.[5]

Bedikat Chametz

  1. When Erev Pesach falls out on Shabbat, bedikat chametz is done Thursday night[6] with a candle and bracha.[7] Bitul is recited afterwards.[8]

Friday Morning: Biur Chametz

  1. A person should destroy all of his chametz besides food for two meals before Shabbat.[9] There is nothing wrong with eating more chametz sides those two meals as long as it is before the fifth hour on Shabbat.[10] The chametz set aside for Shabbat should be stored in a safe place so that it isn't dispersed.[11]
  2. It is proper to burn the chametz that one is not leaving over before the sixth hour on Friday morning. If it is done later next year someone might get confused.[12]

Bitul Chametz

  1. The first bitul is made after bedikat chametz on all chametz that one does not know about.[13]
  2. The final bitul is made on Shabbat itself before the sixth halachic hour and it is unnecessary to make one on Friday while burning the chametz.[14]

Friday Night and Shabbat Morning Meals

Method 1: Chametz

  1. One should leave over just enough chametz for two meals.[15]

Method 2: Variations of Matzah

Standard Matzah

  1. For Friday night, some poskim hold that it is permitted to eat regular matzah.[16] Sephardim hold this and can eat matzah for the hamotzei Friday night.[17] Others hold that one should not eat matzah on Friday since it is part of Erev Pesach when it is forbidden to eat matzah.[18]
  2. It is forbidden to eat regular matzah the morning of Erev Pesach for the morning meal.[19]

Egg Matzah

  1. If someone is very worried about not being able to get rid of the extra chametz they can get rid of all of their chametz before Shabbat and use matzah ashira, egg matzah, for the hamotzei of Friday night and Shabbat lunch. One should still be careful to eat it before the beginning of the fifth halachic hour.[20] Some say that one shouldn't egg matzah's for the meals on Shabbat.[21]
  2. According to Sephardim, eating egg matzah is mezonot unless one eats 216 grams of egg matzah.[22]

Cooked Matzah

  1. It is permitted to eat cooked matzah for Friday night and Shabbat morning meals and the bracha is hamotzei.[23]

Lechem Mishneh

  1. For lechem mishneh, besides the challah that one is going to eat, it is possible to use matzah stored safely inside a plastic bag for the lechem mishna which one should not eat.[24]

Eating Outside

  1. If someone is concerned for eating chametz in one’s house one may eat the challah on the porch or the backyard if it is within the eruv or has a fence and then eat the rest of the meal inside.[25] The crumbs of chametz on the porch or backyard should be swept off the porch or table if there is an eruv.[26] The birkas hamazon should be said where the bread was eaten.[27]

Seuda Shelishit

Two Meals in the Morning

  1. In order to start finish chametz by the proper time,[28] it is recommended to start davening early and some even suggest skipping the piytum for Shabbat Hagadol or saying them in advance on the previous Shabbat.[29]
  2. Some recommend starting davening earlier, and then having two meals with bread before the fifth halachic hour.[30] In order to do this and not have a concern of making unnecessary brachot, bracha sheino tzaricha, one should break up the meals with a little walk out of the house and a short break of 15 to 30 minutes.[31]
  3. Sephardim do not have the minhag to have two meals in the morning since they hold that seuda shelishit must be in the afternoon.[32]

Matzah Balls

  1. Generally the Ashkenazic minhag is to have seuda shelishit with matzah balls or another dish of cooked matza meal.[33]

Meat, Fish, or Fruit

  1. A less ideal solution is to eat meat, fish, or fruit for the seuda shelishit.[34]

Egg Matzah

  1. Some Sephardim have the minhag to eat seuda shelishit with egg matzah[35] and recite mezonot.[36] Ashkenazim generally do not have this minhag as they do not eat egg matzah for all of Pesach out of a concern that it is chametz.[37] However, others hold that it is permitted and even recommended to eat egg matzah for seuda shelishit.[38]

Cooked Matzah

  1. Ashkenazim do not have the minhag to eat cooked matzah for seuda shelishit.[39] Sephardim have the minhag to have seuda shelishit with cooked matza.[40]

Deep Fried Matzah

  1. Sephardim have the minhag to have seuda shelishit with deep fried matza.[41] Some are concerned that deep fried matzah is forbidden on Erev Pesach.[42]

Matzah Meal Cakes

  1. A person should not eat baked matzah meal cakes for seuda shelishit.[43] Some are lenient to eat matzah meal cakes on Erev Pesach since when the batter was made the matzah meal lost its form and appearance of matzah. Nonetheless, it isn't an ideal solution for seuda shelishit even according to this opinion since it is mezonot.[44]

Shabbat Menu Restrictions

  1. A person should not make hot chametz, such as chullent, for Shabbat Erev Pesach because in doing so the leftovers on the pot will be chametz and one can't clean them on Shabbat since it isn't necessary for Shabbat.[45] After the fact, if one made a hot chametz food in a pot, that pot can be cleaned to remove the chametz on Shabbat morning. When cleaning that pot, one should do the minimum possible; if the chametz can be removed by being wiped that should be done, if it needs to be cleaned with water that measure should be taken.[46]
  2. It is preferable to make all of one's food in kosher for pesach or new pots.[47] If one does, one should be careful not to pour the hot kosher for pesach food from the pots into chametz bowls or plates.[48] To avoid this it is possible to pour the hot pesach food into a kosher lpesach kli sheni and then from there into the chametz bowls or plates.[49]

Preparing for the Seder

  1. Lettuce leaves being checked for Maror should be checked on Friday before Shabbat. They should not be left soaking in water for more than 24 hours.[50]
  2. It is forbidden to prepare for the seder on Shabbat because on Shabbat one may not prepare for after Shabbat (hachana). Therefore, one should not take food for the seder out of the freezer until after Shabbat. If one absolutely must defrost food for the seder, such as soft matzah, and it won't be ready in time to eat it, such as for old people who are going to have an early and short seder, can defrost it on Shabbat itself. To avoid muktzeh one could take the matzah with the maror on top of the matzah.[51]
  3. It is permitted to sleep on Shabbat in order to be well rested for the seder. It is preferable not to say that one is going to sleep in order to stay up for the seder.[52]

Getting Rid of Chametz

  1. After the morning chametz meal(s) one should gently wipe off the plates with one's hand and put them away with the other chametz dishes.[53]

Giving to a Non-Jew

  1. If someone has extra chametz on pesach one should give it to a non-Jew. It isn't a concern if they carry it into the street since one didn't instruct the non-Jew to do so. Even if it is a lot of chametz and it is obvious that the non-Jew is going to carry it into the street, according to those who hold that our streets are only a karmelit, and certainly if there is an eruv, one doesn't have to be concerned.[54]
  2. If someone forgot to sell chametz before Shabbat, there is a dispute if they're allowed to sell it on Shabbat. Instead they should give it as a gift to a non-Jew who they know and will likely give it back to them after pesach. In order to perform this transaction he should either give the non-Jew the chametz to pick up or drag it. If it is too much to pick up or drag, it is possible to legally transfer ownership to the non-Jew by giving him the key to access the room where the chametz is located.[55]

Selling Chametz

  1. Some poskim are concerned with making an acquisition effective on Shabbat and therefore specify that the sell must be arranged earlier such that it is effective a short period of time before Shabbat. However, one should include all the chametz one has before Shabbat and even the chametz that you plan to eat on Shabbat.[56] Others argue that there is what to rely upon to arrange the acquisition on Friday so that it is effective on Shabbat and it'll help someone who doesn't get rid of his leftover chametz after the meal on Shabbat.[57]

Throwing in the Garbage

  1. Any leftover chametz on Shabbat may not just be thrown in one's private garbage because it is still in one's property. If one could throw it in a public garbage dump that is permissible since it is considered ownerless.[58]

Giving to a Dog

  1. It is permitted to feed the extra chametz one has to a dog before the sixth halachic hour.[59]

Flushing down the Toilet

  1. A good solution of how to get rid of one's extra chametz on Shabbat is to flush it down the toilet.[60]

After the Fifth Hour

  1. One should get of one's chametz before the end of the fifth halachic hour. If one failed to do so, the chametz is now muktzeh for a Jew, but one should ask a non-Jew to get rid of it by flushing it down the toilet.[61]
  2. From the beginning of the fifth halachic hour, chametz is forbidden to eat. One should brush his teeth before the prohibited time for chametz arrives, even on Shabbat. It is sufficient to clean one's mouth out with water.[62]



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