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  1. Everyone should eat a k'zayit from the afikoman which was hidden away earlier in the Seder.[1]
  2. If they lost the afikomen they should eat a kezayit of another Shemurah Matzah.[2]
  3. The afikoman should be eaten while leaning.[3] After the fact, if one ate the afikoman without leaning and it is difficult to eat it again, one doesn’t have to eat it again.[4]
  4. The Mishna Brurah writes that it is preferable to eat two kezaytim, one symbolizing the Korban Pesach and the other for the matzah eaten with the Korban Pesach.[5]
  5. One has until Chatzot to eat the matzah.[6] If one didn’t eat any Matzah until Chatzot one should eat matzah after Chatzot without a Bracha of Al Achilat Matzah. [7]
  6. If one began late and there is a little time before Chatzot one should just say Kiddush, wash one’s hands, say HaMotzei and Al Achilat Matzah, eat the Matzah, and then make Al Achilat Maror and eat that before Chatzot and then complete the seder with the reading of the Haggadah and eating of the meal. [8]

If someone forgot to eat Afikomen

  1. If someone forgot to eat Afikomen and said the zimmun or mayim achronim he may eat the afikomen without a bracha.[9]
  2. If someone forgot to eat afikomen and remembered before he recited hagefen and drank the third cup of wine he should wash again, make hamotzei, eat the afikomen, recite birkat hamazon, and then recite hagefen and drink the third cup of wine.[10]
  3. If someone forgot to eat the Afikomen and already said the Birkat Hamazon and drank the third cup he should wash again, recite hamotzei, eat the afikomen, and do a new birkat hamazon. One shouldn't drink the third cup again after the birkat hamazon because he already fulfilled the third cup after the first time he said birkat hamazon. If he ate Shemurah Matzah in the middle of the Shulchan Orech he doesn't need to eat the afikomen again. However, the fact that he ate Shemurah Matzah for Motzei Matzah is insufficient.[11]


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