Going on Har Habayit

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  1. It is forbidden to walk on Har Habayit today.[1]
  2. Anyone who needs to walk on Har Habayit such as a soldier may not walk with leather shoes but it is permitted with non-leather shoes.[2]


  1. Rav Hershel Schachter (Interview with Rav Schachter on JewishPress.com, Shevat 30 5778) stated that it is forbidden to go on Har Habayit and one shouldn't deviate from what the Rabbanut established.
  2. R' Tukachinsky in Ir Hakodesh Vehamikdash v. 4 p. 28-9 proves from the Gemara Yevamot 102b established that the definition of a shoe for walking on Har Habayit depends on a shoe for Yom Kippur. Since we hold only leather shoes are considered shoes for Yom Kippur the same is true of walking on Har Habayit. Therefore, it is permitted to walk on Har Habayit with non-leather shoes. Rav Hershel Schachter (Brachot Shiur 115 min 18) agreed that it is permitted to walk on Har Habayit with non-leather shoes even though it isn't a simple question. He quoted Rav Elyashiv as holding that opinion.