Halachos of Lefties

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Getting Dressed

  1. When putting a piece of clothing you should put on the right side and then the left. A lefty should do the same.[1]
  2. A lefty should put on his right shoe first and also tie his right shoe first.[2]


  1. When tearing kriyah for seeing the area of the Bet HaMikdash a righty and lefty should both tear on their right side.[3] The same is true of tearing kriyah for a parent.[4]

Netilat Yadayim

  1. One who washes his hands fills the cup while holding it in his right hand and then transfers the cup into his left hand and washes his right hand.[5] A left-handed person should also follow this procedure and wash his right hand first.[6]


  1. A lefty should cover his eyes of kriyat Shema with his right hand. See the Kriyat Shema#Covering One's Eyes section.



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