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  1. There is a mitzvah to make aliyah even if that means leaving one’s parents outside Israel.[1]
  2. Some hold that it is permitted to make aliyah even if it means that one is leave one's parents and not fulfill kibud av. [2]
  3. It is permitted to leave Bavel or any other country today to live in Israel.[3]
  4. Many authorities holds that it is a mitzvah to make Aliyah and live in Israel nowadays and there's no prohibition involved. [4]


  1. Yabia Omer YD 11:40.
    • The Ramban counts it as a Biblical mitzvah that the Rambam forgot. There are many discussions of gemara and rishonim that indicate that it is a mitzvah even nowadays. The discussion of divorcing your wife without a ketubah, freeing a slave if he wants to make aliyah, having a non-Jew write for the purpose of buying land in Israel nowadays all indicate that there's a mitzvah to live in Israel today.
    • Rav Moshe Feinstein held that the mitzvah of making aliyah is a mitzvah that you can opt to fulfill but it isn't obligatory to go and fulfill it. It is similar to tzitzit. The Avnei Nezer supports this concept. Yabia Omer strongly disagrees and quotes many others who disagree with that approach.
  2. Yabia Omer YD 11:40. Parshat Derachim (lech lecha s.v. bmidrash) quotes midrash rabba beresheet 39 which writes that only avraham was allowed to abandon his father to make aliyah but others can’t follow his example. He proves this from other sources. However, Rav Ovadia quotes the Maharam Rotenberg who explicitly held that one should make aliyah even if it means negating kibud av. The Rivash might seem otherwise isn’t a proof.
  3. Yabia Omer YD 11:41
  4. Rabbi Mansour explains that we do not hold of Rav Yehuda's opinion (in Shabbat 41 and Ketubot 112).