Modesty During Tashmish

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  1. It is forbidden to have tashmish in a room with a Sefer Torah, Tefillin, or Mezuzot.[1] A Sefer Torah should be moved to another room and if that is impossible one should set up a wall of ten tefachim in front of the Sefer Torah. However, it is insufficient to place the Sefer Torah in a double covering.[2]
  2. The Tefillin should be moved to another room or covered with a double covering. One of the covers can't be the regular covering for it.[3] There is a dispute if one should use the leniency of a double covering if there is an option to leave them in another leave. The strict halacha is that a double covering is sufficient even if one could move it to another room.[4]
  3. If there is a mezuzah on the inside of the door in the room it should be covered before tashmish. Some hold that it is sufficient if the mezuzah is covered with any non-transparent cover.[5] Others hold that it needs a second covering on top of the regular covering it usually has.[6] See Mezuzah#Bathrooms_and_Bedrooms.
  4. It is forbidden to have tashmish in a room with printed sefarim. Some poskim permit it if they’re covered with one covering while others require two coverings.[7]
  5. There is a dispute if the covering of the sefer counts as one of the coverings.[8]
  6. It is sufficient to place the sefarim in a cabinet that is ten tefachim tall if it has doors. Alternatively, the sefarim can be placed in a bookcase that is 1x1 amah with a height of 3 amot if it covered with one covering.[9]
  7. It is permitted to have tashmish in a room with tashmishei kedusha or tashmishei mitzvah.[10]


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