Not Bundling Mitzvot

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Ein Osin Mitzvot Chavilot Chavilot

  1. It is permissible to have a meal for a siyum, brit milah, or Sheva Brachot on Yom Tov or Shabbat and it isn’t an issue of ein osin mitzvot chavilot chavilot.[1]
  2. If someone sends mishloach manot to a poor person he can fulfill the mitzvot of mishloach manot and matanot levyonim simultaneously.[2]
  3. If a person is going to recite Birkat Hamazon for Seuda Shelishit on a cup of wine and then recite Havdalah, if he is going to drink the first cup for the Birkat Hamazon on a cup he should use two separate cups of wine.[3] If he isn't going to drink the wine he can reuse the same cup for both.[4] The poskim advise that if a person doesn't generally recite Birkat Hamazon over a cup of wine if he is reciting Birkat Hamazon after tzet hakochavim he should not drink it. If he is careful to recite Birkat Hamazon over wine or it is during Ben Hashemashot then one can drink the cup of Birkat Hamazon.[5]


  1. Chazon Ovadia Purim p. 159 citing the Mahari Akrish. The reason is that ein osin mitzvot chavilot is only if one is doing two actions or speeches to accomplish two mitzvot but if one does only one action to accomplish two mitzvot, that isn’t mitzvot chavilot.
  2. Chazon Ovadia purim p. 159
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  4. Piskei Teshuvot 299:6 quotes two defenses of the practice to reuse the cup of wine from Birkat Hamazon over Seudat Shelishit for Havdalah. One is that there's a break of davening Maariv and it is only considered a problem to bundle mitzvot if one does them one after another but here there's a break (Tehilah Ldovid 299:1, Levushei Mordechai 1:115). In fact, it is preferable to reuse the same cup since it being used for one mitzvah and should be used again for another mitzvah (Brachot 39b). Alternatively, since one doesn't drink the cup with Birkat Hamazon it is fine to reuse it for Havdalah (Eshel Avraham Muchtach). See Rivevot Efraim 1:266 for more defenses of this practice.
  5. Mishna Brurah 299:14