Getting Dressed

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The following halachot related to halachot of getting dressed and clothing. See also Modesty and Getting Dressed on Shabbat.

Getting Dressed

  1. It is important to maintain a level of modesty at all times even at night.[1] Therefore, one should not reveal areas that are usually covered even when getting dressed, unless it is necessary.[2]
  2. One should cover one's head before getting dressed because the head is the most important part of the body and we want to show it the appropriate amount of respect.[3]
  3. A talmid chacham should make sure that his clothes are in accordance with his importance and to be neat and clean and make sure his clothing is not torn or stained.[4]
  4. One should be careful not to put on two articles of clothing at once.[5]
  5. One should not wear one's clothing inside-out, as this can also cause one to forget one's Torah.[6]


  1. One should put on one's right shoe before one's left shoe.[7] However, one should tie the left shoelaces before the right ones.[8] Regarding a lefty see Halachos of Lefties.
  2. Women should also tie the left shoe first.[9]
  3. One should remove one's left shoe before one's right shoe.[10]
  4. In places where it is normal to wear shoes one shouldn't go barefoot.[11] Some say that one shouldn't walk barefoot because of negative spirits of the ground.[12]


  1. Mishna Brurah 2:1 writes that a standard of modesty is needed at all times since Hashem’s presence fills the entire world always.
  2. Shulchan Aruch 2:1 writes that one should get dressed while under the blanket and not get up and then get dressed. Mishna Brurah 2:1 writes that this idea applies in general that one should not reveal the areas usually covered unless it is necessary. Iggerot Moshe YD 3:47:3 says that if this would cause a person discomfort they would not need to do this.
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  11. The Gemara Shabbat 129a and Gemara Pesachim 112a states that a person should sell his property to get shoes. Rashi Shabbat 129a s.v. veyikach explains that there's nothing more disgraceful that walking around barefoot. Rama 2:6 codifies this halacha that a person should make sure to wear shoes. Eliya Rabba 2:5 and Mishna Brurah 2:14 adds that in the Arab countries where it is common to walk around barefoot it is permitted. See Rivevot Efraim 4:11 and 5:12 about this idea.
  12. Maaseh Avraham OC 4 quotes the Chesed Lavraham who says that one shouldn't walk without shoes because there's ruach raah on the ground connected to the snake of Gan Eden. He concludes that it doesn't apply to Israel when it is ruled by the Jews since there's no ruach raah there.