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A "Pasuk" (פסוק) - plural, "Pesukim" (פסוקים) is a verse in the Hebrew Bible. Each verse or Pasuk, is one phrase, sentence or a self contained thought. Multiple Pesukim make up a paragraph, known as a Parsha. Pesukim exist in all of the Tanach, the set of the 24 books of the Hebrew Bible including the five books of Moshe (Torah), the prophets (Neviim), and the holy writings (Ketuvim). The exact breakup of the pesukim are a tradition that dates back to Sinai.[1]

Laws regarding Pesukim

  1. Regarding the prohibition to say pesukim by heart, see the Saying Pesukim by heart page.
  2. Regarding not saying a half-pasuk, see Saying a Half Pasuk page.


  1. Gemara Nedarim 37b