Rabbeinu Yonah

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  1. Rabbeinu Yonah was a cousin of the Ramban, and his daughter married Shlomo, the Ramban's son.[1] He was the rebbe of the Rashba.
  2. While we have his Chiddushim on some Masechtot, the notes of his Talmidim are published on the Rif in Berachot[2] as well as Avodah Zarah (published as a separate volume).[3]
  3. His commentary on Bava Batra is called "Aliyot deRabbeinu Yonah," because each sections ends with a summary that opens with "עלה בידינו."[4]
  4. A classic work of Mussar, Sha'arei Teshuva is the only one of the seemingly many She'arim written by Rabbeinu Yonah.[5]

Further Reading

  1. Later Rishonim III: Rabbeinu Yonah


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