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See R' Eliyahu Lichtenstein's comprehensive article on the Ran's bibliography, published in the Chiddushei HaRan on Avodah Zarah


  1. The Ran was a contemporary of the Maggid Mishneh and teacher of the Rivash and Tashbetz.[1]


  1. For the most part, the Ran and the Rosh's words are the same, especially when elucidating Tosafot's position,[2] but the Ran seldom quotes the Rosh, as the Rosh's work didn't reach the Ran.[3]
  2. Tosafot Tuch wasn't available to the Ran until after he completed his commentary on Nedarim.[4]


  1. The Ran wrote his Chiddushim on Shas when he was younger and his commentary on the Rif when he was older[5], so it's possible that he came to a deeper understanding of a topic and changed his mind the second time around. Therefore, one should follow the commentary on the Rif if it contradicts the Chiddushim. The Yad Malachi extends this to the Teshuvot, as well.[6]
  2. In terms of internal contradictions, the Ran's style in his commentary on the Rif is to copy sections of Rashi anonymously but write an alternative approach elsewhere. He won't necessarily explicate the fact that he disagrees when quoting Rashi.[7]

Works Not by the Ran

  1. Despite some Acharonim referring to the commentary on the side of the Rif on Masechtot Bava Kamma, Bava Metzia, Bava Batra, Makkot, and Moed Kattan as the Ran, they are in fact the Nimukei Yosef.[8]


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