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  1. The Torah prohibits the destruction of human and animal reproductive organs.[1]
  2. If a male's reproductive organs were damaged after birth he is excluded from the Jewish community[2]
  3. Sterilizing a woman is also forbidden.[3]
  4. Using a medicine to sterilize a man or animal is forbidden.[4]
  5. One may not have a non-jew sterilize an animal on his behalf. Therefore if one has a pet dog or cat one may not instruct the vet to neuter and spay, rather he should sell the animal to a non-jew and that non-jew should instruct the vet to do the procedure.[5]
  6. If a man had a sterilization he must get it undone as quickly as possible, as soon as this is over, he can now be included in klal yisrael.[6]


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