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  • This practice of many Sephardim such as those from Colombia to make the Bracha before washing one’s hands, does not follow the opinion of the Rama who says you can make the Bracha after washing but before drying. ~User:Yaabim
  • [Some discussions on this page were moved to the appropriate page.]
  • To YitzchakSultan: In the article, all references to this "Sephardic minhag" are from siman 158, and therefore presumably irrelevant to our sugya. Should I erase them from the article? --lygold123
  • Levi Goldman: You're right again. I removed those references and replaced them with the correct references. All of those discussions have been moved to the appropriate page: Netilat_Yadayim_for_a_Meal#Bracha. Also, I moved part of our discussion to the correct page: Talk:Netilat_Yadayim_for_a_Meal. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.--YitzchakSultan (talk) 14:06, 31 July 2015 (EDT)