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i'm not sure why this article is called shemona esreh as opposed to "the tefillah" or amidah. therefore, we should possibly change the title of this to Amidah, in order to be consistent with wikipedia's article on the topic - . also, i'm not sure if there is a standard spelling for shmoneh esrei. our article says shemona esreh, wikipedia says shmoneh esreh, the artscroll siddur says shemoneh esrei. etc, etc. however, everybody spells amidah as amidah, except for super hardcore ashkenazim who transliterate kamatz with the letter O. but in general, that is rare. i propose that we change the (english) title of this article to amidah, to be consistent. within the article itself, we can maybe decide on one that is the best transliteration, or just use the term amidah. Adamgold613 21:45, 30 March 2012 (UTC)

Thanks for your comment. I changed it to Amidah - Shemonah Esrei because that seems a bit more common than Shmonah Esreh and even on the Amidah wikipedia page the word Shemonah Esrei is used 4 times and Shmona Esreh 2 times. Anyway, you are definitely making an important point which is a difficulty for transliterating Hebrew words in general- there's no simple consensus. For now, I suggest that consistency is more important than picking the best one.

Because of another comment I changed it to Shemoneh Esrei. See Talk:Birchot HaTorah.