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  1. Rabbeinu Mordechai ben Hillel was a student of Maharam Rotenberg, descendant of Ra'avan, son in law of Rabbenu Yechiel MiParis, and brother-in-law of the Sefer Mitzvot Kattan and Hagahot Maimoniot.[1]
  2. Most of the Mordechai commentary on the Rif is based on Tosafot,[2] primarily that of the Rash MiShantz[3]
  3. Unfortunately, the text of the Mordechai is home to many copyist errors and omissions,[4] so the Rama calls it "Megumgam uMelukat." Sometimes, we're missing statements attributed to him by other Rishonim from the text of the Sefer. Therefore, the Bach warns one cannot deduce much from his challenging articulations.[5]
  4. Even though they were colleagues, the "Rosh" quoted by the Mordechai does not refer to the Rosh, R' Asher ben Yechiel, but rather the Rosh MiFalise or MiLunelle.[6]
  5. Some say the Hagahot Mordechai are not by the Mordechai.[7]
  6. Some say that the Mordechai on the Masechtot Ketanot (printed in the back of tractate Menachot) are not actually authored by the Mordechai.[8]


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