Terumat HaDeshen

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  1. R' Yisrael Isserlein's halachic opinion was held in high regard by the Acharonim who followed him a couple generations later.[1]
  2. Although the Terumat HaDeshen contains two sections, Teshuvot and Pesakim, which would indicate that the former was written as responsa to questions he received and the latter not, the early Acharonim write they were both actually conceived by the author himself. He did not receive any of the questions addressed from others.[2] The Petach HaDevir[3] uses this fact to call into question Maran's assertion[4] that one should follow the Teshuvot over the Pesakim because one is generally more exacting in real life situations. He argues one should in fact follow the Pesakim which seem to be intended for practice more.[5] Some actually argue that the Teshuvot were written to real questioners,[6] which negates this discussion.
  3. The Pesakim and Ketavim weren't necessarily all written before or after the Teshuvot; rather, some were written before and others after. The Hagahot on Shaarei Dura were written last, though.[7]
  4. "Gadol" or "Echad Min HaGedolim" in the Terumat HaDeshen is a reference to his rebbe, Maharil.[8]
  5. Along with the Mahari Veil, the Terumat HaDeshen granted Semikha to R' Yisrael Bruna, known as Mahari Bruna, who was a contemporary of Maharik, Rav Yosef Cologne.[9]
  6. Some recommend following the Tashbetz over the Terumat HaDeshen, but the Chida finds it questionable, given the respect granted the Terumat HaDeshen by later Poskim.[10]
  7. He also wrote Shearim beIssur veHetter, which is quoted by the Rama in Torat Chatat and Darkei Moshe.[11]
  8. The works of the Ramban, Rashba, Ritva, Ran, and Maggid Mishneh were not available to the Terumat HaDeshen.[12] Indeed, the Maharshal asserts that the Terumat HaDeshen does not regularly disagree with his predecessors. Situations that appear as though he is disagreeing are in fact examples of when he did not have the earlier sources at hand.[13]


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